keep learning keep growing: Many users report a failed transaction, SundaeSwap started in Cardano.


Friday, January 21, 2022

Many users report a failed transaction, SundaeSwap started in Cardano.

The first DEX in Cardano was launched on mainnet today to allow traders to make swaps and add liquidity, but network congestion has delayed processing transactions.

Cardano's decentralized (DApp) SundaeSwap app has already been launched but is causing frustration among users due to overcrowding, platform errors and failed transactions.

Is it a matter of expected growth problems under a lot of happy users or is there more to it?

SundaeSwap is a separate trading platform (DEX) and a token platforming platform. The launch of mainnet today marks a milestone in Cardano's ecosystem (ADA) for being the first DApp to implement its smart contracts.

The price of ADA increased by 50% last week before the launch of SundaeSwap, which means a successful launch is Cardano's high-profile game.

Trading on DEX started at 9:45 pm UTC on Jan. 20. It took less than two minutes for users on the Discord project server to start complaining about failed operations and network congestion.

At 2:40 am UTC, users were still complaining about failed transactions and orders waiting for more than four hours. CIO Pi Lanningham responded with Discord: "Orders will continue to be processed (currently about 2500 orders per hour; currently 11k orders on chains, ~ 1600 of them under tolerance of slipping)."

Using the performance of the SundaeSwap platform from the previous test phase, the team acknowledged that it was possible to perform poorly at first, but said that “we are very confident that the law can meet the normal day-to-day burden once things are in order. . ”

The Cardano blockchain introduced smart contracts on the platform following Alonzo's strong fork last September. In one week, more than 2,000 smart contracts were put on the blockchain by closing time without first taking effect.

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